Tomorrow I think that I will make sure that I have 3 pictures to go with every reason that I have.I will also make sure that I project my voice so that all of my teammates hear me nice nad clear.I also will make sure thst I have good posture so that I will look presentable.

Today’s prezi 10-6-11

Today in tech class we had to go onto prezi and choose pictures to but on my prezi that had something to do with what my customer picked.I thnk that today was fun because we had to pick a bacground color and theme.I got to pick pinkk!!!!because of course pink is my favorite color.Then the theme I picked was amazing.I love tech class we get to do so many things.Also I love Ms.Siggie.

The process

Today in tech class we had to look at different website to choose and see which 1 my customer would like.

  1. First we had to see which activites she liked.And if she approved on them then we would move onto the next step.
  2. Second we had to select 3 of them that she picked
  3. Third we had to write an blog entry about the steps

I think that today was hard because I didnt know everything that she liked so if she said no I would have to go and keep asking until she said yess to 3 of them.

The easiset part was putting down theings I knew she liked already like

  • starbucks coffee
  • spicy food
  • taking pictiures
  • soccer
  • arts
  • activities


My locations

This is how long it would take me to get form my hotel which is the flamingo hotel in cozumel to hard rock cafe in cozumel if I was supposed to walk.

This is how long it would take to get to a pizza place in Cozumel,Mexico from my hotel if I was to walk.

this would take me 6 min if i drive

Today in tech class

Today in tech class i learned how to changes the font of my words.I also learned how to add more columns.I had to get help to know how to add because I didnt know how to do it but I found out that all you had to do was  push the tap button.

I think i got the hang of learning how to do things with-out the help of my teacher.                      

Today in tech class

Today in tech class I added the sum of my total cost.The steps of finding out how to do this was

  1. highlight my total numbers
  2. click on formula
  3. click on auto sum

I would say that seeing my total sum was the surprising because i didnt know that it was going to come out to be more then 1,000.I need to figure out how i’m going to save up all of  my money and how i’m going to work on a budget.I would really have to save all my money and not spend it on anything.


Today in tech class

Today in tech class I learned how to add color to my cloumns,change the size of my font,add outlinings to the columns and 1 last thing is change the font. I would say that the hardest part of today was trying to figure out which font to choose because it was so many of them..that I didnt know which 1 to pick….but I found the right 1. I would say that th hardest part of today was goin on google and trying to find good website to find prices of things. I wouldnt say that,that was hard but ,aking sure that its a good website was the hardest.Then 1 website had similar prices to another and the both were really good websites.I had to choose again.I couldnt believe this.But I was happy that it was so many good websites for me to look at.Overall I think that I did a good job.!!!!!


In tech class today

In tech class today I learned how to add picture to my work. Also I learned how to add color to my text.  I think that the hardest part of today was trying to select good pictures.

Time Zones

Today in tech class I learned how to look for the time differences in my vacationn that I would like to go to.

-Time differene: In Ccozumel,Mexico my time difference is a hour behind so rigth now it will be 1:48 pm in the afternoon.

-The weather in my city is 79 degrees.Its different from here in Newark,New jersey because its 67 degrees.

-If I were to pack for my trip some things that I would pack is

  • shorts 
  • flip flops
  • sneakers
  • tank tops 
  • sun blocker hat
  • light sweater 
  • bathing suit
  • earrings
  • socks
  • headband
  • sun block
  • sun block


shorts   flip flops

bathing suit shirt

hat socks



My flight

The most cheapest flight to my vacation is $579.00.

The most highest flight to my vacation is $1626.00.

I will be flighing with continental airlines.

I will be staying from december 18-24,2011